Ardyn lives near Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire with her cat, dog and wild garden full of chickens, peacocks and guinea fowl.

She had a large collection of sketchbooks from over the years documenting memorable events and people which are also a great source of inspiration for her work.

SRoadworkers Caravan  
Ardyn trained firstly at the Ruskin School, followed by the the Froebel Institute for Education, Roehampton and finally at Goldsmiths college in London.

After completing her teaching course at the Froebel Institute in 1958, she got her first teaching job near Tewkesbury, at the Wells Court, a pre prep school for boys aged 5- 10.
 Ardyn Griffin

Around this time she also bought Conifer Cottage, which has been pivotal to her artistic career and has now lived there for 50 years. Coupled with her teaching, her cottage allowed her somewhere to paint during the school holidays and became an important inspiration for much of her work.

Conifer Cottage  

Chickens Running

She started the art department at the new Bredon School which replaced the Wells Court and after a stint there, trained at Goldsmiths College,which also enabed her to teach secondary age children. Snakeshead Fritillary

In between teaching she married, had a son and continued her artistic journey.aché

She has exhibited at the Royal academy and at various exhibitions in Wales, Cornwall and Gloucestershire.

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